Have I Wasted My Money On Counterfeit Gucci?

It is easy to see how that which appears to be a cheap knock off Gucci handbag—remember, it is probably cheaply made—can become a much bigger expense. "The cheap comes out expensive," is a phrase you may have heard. It could not be more true when applied to fake Gucci bags.

Assuming you receive your replica Gucci bag at all—we often receive reports of shoppers ordering a knock off Gucci bag and never receiving their shipment—you will probably be the owner of a counterfeit Gucci handbag that will not withstand much daily use. Within the first week, you might have what amounts to a useless pile of metal, leather and canvas, which can’t hold anything reliably and looks terrible. So now you might replace the replica Gucci bag with another knock off Gucci bag, and the cycle continues.

When all is said and done, "the cheap comes out expensive," meaning you have purchased a fake Gucci bag at a too-good-to-be-true price thinking you were being savvy. But replacing that counterfeit Gucci handbag several times, or having the numerous possible rips and tears repaired, makes for an expensive replica Gucci bag.

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Counterfeit Gucci is no exception. Your friends may argue, “Isn’t it better to have four handbags for the price of one”? In all honesty it isn’t. The converse however, is true especially in the case of authentic Gucci. One good handbag of excellent quality that will probably become a family heirloom is definitely a good bargain compared to four or five knock off Gucci bags constantly in need of repair.

That your knock off Gucci will require constant repair is no exaggeration. The leather will be of poor quality and soon start looking worse for the wear. The zippers in your counterfeit Gucci will need replacement every few months. You may make do, by applying wax on the runners. But soon, you’ll be thoroughly exasperated with the whole thing. As for the seams, when something is cheaply made – in terms of quality and labor, you cannot expect it to last. The laborers are not skilled. Considering what they are paid, all that matters to them is getting the job done. Craftsmanship is an alien concept to them. This is what you pay for, when you pay for knock off Gucci bags.